Temporary Climate Solutions

Polygon provides solutions that enable projects to stay on time and on budget.

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Document Recovery Solutions

Polygon's Document Recovery Team saves millions of critical documents, books, and other media each year.

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Emergency Drying Services

Polygon's Emergency Drying team brings the right equipment to our partners.

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Always By Your Side

Polygon – Integrity, Excellence and Empathy

It is the combination of people, knowledge and technology that makes Polygon the global expert in temporary climate control, document recovery services, and emergency drying services.

As pioneers in the markets we serve, Polygon established the use of desiccant dehumidification for both Temporary Climate Solutions, Document Recovery Service and Emergency Drying Service applications over 60 years ago. In the years since, we have completed over 4000 construction drying projects and successfully dried over 30,000 water damaged environments. All the while, Polygon continues to advance the industry with the latest technology and most energy efficient dehumidification and temperature control equipment available. 

For over 60 years, we have delivered best-in-class service, while our constant investment in our people, technology and equipment ensures that our solutions are proven, repeatable, environmentally sustainable, results-oriented and cost-effective.  Today, Polygon is the most experienced Temporary Climate Solutions  company in the world.

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Why Polygon?


We know that a fast, effective and appropriate response is critical to ensuring that your operations continue uninterrupted. That's why we provide 24 hour coverage delivered 7 days a week by a global network of 2,600 employees. We guarantee a rapid, right first time reponse, whenever you need us.


We have spent over 60 years successfully providing climate control and document recovery solutions by investing in our people, knowledge and technology. This has led to the development of industry leading solutions for our customers. Our continued commitment has enabled us to become the global leader in temporary climate solutions and document recovery.


Our highly trained technicians will quickly assess the situation, recommend the correct, most effective course of action and then employ a range of leading edge techniques to provide the right solution to our partners.

Polygon Global

We have a global network in place across 13 countries ensuring that we are 'Always By Your Side' when you need us. We make this process efficient for our partners, by providing updates on progress to ensure that the project is complete as quickly as possible.

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