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Polygon Temporary Climate Solutions

Creating the right environment

Welcome to the home of Polygon – the UK’s first choice provider of temporary climate solutions, including; heating, cooling, ventilation services. Rentals available 24/7, 365 days per year!

Polygon is a world leader in providing Temporary Climate Solutions across a diverse range of industries. We can create a unique solution for any application, across a number of environments, irrespective of size.

Maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity is vitally important in many industries, including construction, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and utilities. Polygon offer a range of rental solutions to ensure your workplace runs efficiently, whilst keeping costs down and minimising hassle and inconvenience.

Our fleet of equipment includes a large range of low dew point desiccant dehumidifiers and chillers, as well as energy efficient heaters and ventilation fans. All of which are available for short-term hire, supported by invaluable technical advice.


Why choose Polygon?

Polygon Temporary Climate Solutions has an established track record for creating controlled humidity conditions across a wide range of industry sectors. We understand that by controlling humidity the production and storage climate is optimised, ensuring consistently high product quality, improved hygiene and safer working conditions.

Polygon can provide expert advice on all types of problems relating to excess moisture or controlling specific environmental conditions. We offer our clients custom-designed environmental control solutions for every stage of the production process.

  • Over 40 years of real world expertise and experience in effectively managing humidity and climate control problems
  • We offer a fit-for-purpose fleet of equipment including chillers, heaters, boilers and dehumidifiers
  • Continually investing in new technologies such as ATEX certified dehumidification equipment
  • A dedicated, nationwide team of engineers.


Our temporary climate solutions offer is just part of a wide range of property damage restoration and leak detection services provided by Polygon. Visit our dedicated website for property damage restoration and leak detection.

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