Water. Fire. Climate.

All crucial for human life. At the same time posing an unpredictable threat to valuable property.

Enter Polygon.

We provide solutions to prevent, control and mitigate all kinds of property damage - from the everyday right through to the worst that Nature can cause.

Our knowledge and technology are leading-edge. More importantly: our people have a passion and heart for giving help. We are Always By Your Side. Whenever there is a problem. That is why so many customers side with us.

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Polygon reaps the benefits
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"Engaged and happy employees lead to satisfied customers and, ultimately, higher profits."

Solid financial performance

Sales by geography

  • Central Europe, 64%
  • Nordics & UK, 30%
  • North America, 6%

With operations in 13 countries on three continents, Polygon is a major player in Property Damage Control. We are combining local understanding with international insights in a unique way. The front-end resources at our 300 depots are backed by our global strength and experience. This means we can always tailor our efforts to fit each customer's specific set of needs.

Five Centres of Excellence

Keeping climate under full control

Our Centre of Excellence for Climate Solutions in the US has a world-leading expertise in the area of moisture and temperature management and control. Each year we provide temporary climate solutions to over one million square metres of buildings.

Advancing document restoration

Polygon Centre of Excellence for Document Restoration has presence both in the US and in the UK. Every year, our dedicated work in this area saves millions of documents from damage caused by water or fire in domestic and commercial incidents.

Equipped to handle the worst

Polygon has a Centre of excellence for Emergencies in the Netherlands. Here 3,400 dehumidifiers, fans and heaters are stocked under one roof. Available 24/7 for major emergencies all over Europe. It is a unique capacity resource in our business.

Dealing with complex and industrial losses

A team of 70 specialist are dedicated to our Centre of Excellence for Complex and Industrial Losses in Germany. They have the special skills and equipment necessary. And they are organized to take on big scale jobs. When large losses occur, logistics is everything. The sooner you are ready to start, the better the result. This Centre of Excellence also have unique resources in Technical Reconditioning that can save up to 60 percent of the costs of purchasing new machinery.

Coping with moisture

Our Centre of Excellence for Moisture Control in Sweden is dedicated to the art of predicting and preventing moisture problems. We have the capacity to handle all types of assignments – from initial consulting and planning to final inspection.

Excellence is one of our core values. Always and in all situations. To support and back up our specialists in the field, we have established five Centres of Excellence where we are consolidating our expertise in a number of strategic areas. This expertise is working across borders to develop best practices that will benefit our entire organisation.

Offering one-stop shopping




Water. Fire. Climate. Whatever the cause of the problem, Polygon offers a complete range of services - from standardised to tailor-made solutions. We are the fully fledged specialist. Every year, we take on more than 275,000 assignments. From the very small to the immense. Helping people and businesses return to normal after damage caused by adverse events.


Flooding. Heavy rain. Storms. Frozen or leaking pipes. Whatever the cause of the damage, actions must be immediate and professional. Enter Polygon.

"Our water damage restoration services are dedicated to get businesses back up and running quickly, without unnecessary delays".


Clearing soot and debris. Drying up water left by the extinguishing work. Restoring buildings, machines and equipment. Those are the major restoration challenges after a sudden fire. Enter Polygon.

"Polygon's role in a fire incident is straight-forward: to make the site ready and operational as soon as possible. Time is money".


Drying. Cooling. Heating. Whenever the climate conditions of a site need modification, considerable expertise is required to make sure conditions are perfect. Enter Polygon.

"Our solutions in combination with the right equipment can manage all kinds of climate and moisture challenges".

People are our driving force.

All of Polygon's 2,900 people are guided by a strong corporate culture. It constitutes the foundation for the way we act and work. Quite naturally, since it is our employees who make the Polygon difference. Committed, dedicated professionals create satisfied customers. Which in turn is the only way to create a long-term profitable business.