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Monitoring and Controlling for IAQ

Monitoring and controlling indoor air quality (IAQ) is crucial to ensuring a healthy building before and after occupancy.

The right environmental monitoring, climate control, ventilation and filtration equipment can help you meet requirements, preserve manufacturer warranties, and protect employees from airborne fumes, dust and mold.



  • Damp and Mould
  • Retrofitting
  • Property Maintenance
  • Fuel Poverty
  • Tenant Wellbeing
  • Vulnerable Tenants
  • Sustainability

Identify the environmental conditions that lead to mould infestations.


Prioritise properties for retrofitting and provide evidence of success of works.


Indicate and schedule when property maintenance works need to be carried out.


Indicate if a property is of risk fuel poverty to help tenants faster.


Proactively help tenants.

Prioritise resources for tenants that need help the most.

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Help organisations monitor and reach their carbon goals.

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Start actively monitoring and controlling indoor conditions

Sensors immediately respond to changing environments, log data locally and send data and reports to users. 

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  • Real-Time Updates 
  • Graphs and Charts to Display the Data 
  • Key Performance Indicators 
  • Notifications and Alerts 
  • Accessible from Any Desktop or Mobile Device 
  • Secure, Scalable, and Resilient Platform
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