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Prioritise resources for tenants that need help the most.

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Energy and Sustainability
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Take Control Over Your Energy Usage

Two of the biggest ways a company can waste energy are by using aging and inefficient equipment or leaving machines and equipment running needlessly. Inefficient energy consumption will lead to unnecessary carbon emissions and costs. 

The growing global population and the demand for food production are expected to increase by a further 60% by 2050. To combat environmental pollution and create a more sustainable food sector, energy use during manufacturing needs to be reduced. 

To reduce the energy used in the manufacturing and distribution of foods – the first step is to understand what and where energy is being used and more importantly where energy is being wasted.  Companies are now promoting any spending on sustainability objectives as investments in their brands, showing their customers that they’re doing the right things


  • Damp and Mould
  • Retrofitting
  • Property Maintenance
  • Fuel Poverty
  • Tenant Wellbeing
  • Vulnerable Tenants
  • Sustainability

Identify the environmental conditions that lead to mould infestations.


Prioritise properties for retrofitting and provide evidence of success of works.


Indicate and schedule when property maintenance works need to be carried out.


Indicate if a property is of risk fuel poverty to help tenants faster.


Proactively help tenants.

Prioritise resources for tenants that need help the most.

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Help organisations monitor and reach their carbon goals.

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Information you need on how to reduce your carbon footprint

While we cannot control the current energy market, we can provide you with the insights to give you the information you need on how to reduce your carbon footprint while reducing energy costs, and improving the efficiency of food and beverage production and processing across your organisation.  

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  • Real-Time Updates
  • Graphs and Charts to Display the Data
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Accessible from Any Desktop or Mobile Device
  • Secure, Scalable, and Resilient Platform

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