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Solving Organisational Challenges with M2M Monitoring & IoT Solutions

The Home of End-to-End IoT Solutions

CDL has been delivering end-to-end IoT solutions to a wide range of business customers for over 10 Years. We are well-positioned in the rapidly growing IoT market. From hardware and software-as-a-service to implementation and support, we provide business and industrial-level remote monitoring solutions. Caption Data has developed a unique set of principles that can be applied to virtually any application in any market, to capture and deliver the data that's important to you. CDL was acquired by Polygon in 2022 with a view to growing the digital offerings within the group, internationally.

We do 2 things very well....

We get customers' data reliably from the point of measurement – often in inhospitable situations - to our secure data servers, via mobile phone networks. Our products have on-board intelligence allowing local real-time monitoring of data against preset criteria, and instant reporting when necessary.

We turn clients’ raw data into valuable information, with trends, beautiful graphics, algorithms, alerts, audit trails, dashboards, management reports, API’s, etc and we provide this intelligence online & in real-time from any internet-enabled device on any browser, with no software to load.

What value can Caption Data bring?

We work with you to understand your key business needs then work with your team to acquire, integrate, aggregate, and present the right data so you and they have what you need to achieve your goals – whether that is growth, efficiency, customer service, or cost controls.

Organisational Values

Our staff is passionate about our products, customers, and standards.

  • World Class - Products, Services, and People
  • Agile – It’s an attitude of mind!
  • Flexible – meet demands and exceed expectations
  • Honest – honest relationships are what we are all about
  • Creative – not only technically but in all the ways we work
  • Fun – Lively inspirational people… that’s our customers, partners, and our staff!

Working with Caption Data

We are always looking for sales partners, clients, staff, contractors, and suppliers who share our values – why not contact us? 

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