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Our IoT solutions mean that we can support you with your strategy across a truly vast array of applications getting data from point of measurement to the cloud allowing you to make quality decisions from a position of knowledge.

At Polygon Digtial Solutions, we provide cloud solutions that cater to multiple applications, offering versatile and scalable services for various industries and purposes. Our cloud solutions empower businesses to store, manage, and process data efficiently in the cloud, enabling seamless access, collaboration, and integration of applications and services. With the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of our cloud computing offerings, organisations can optimise their operations and enhance efficiency across a wide range of applications.

Our Service

We deliver our customers an Industrial IoT solution, from hardware and software-as-a-service through to implementation and support.

Our products help you and your teams run your business smarter!

Our goal is to give your business a rapid, seamless and well supported immersion into IoT, de-risking the implementation of your strategy by utilising the expertise of our highly skilled teams. We have continuously developed our solutions to ensure multiple benefits are achieved when installed.

However, if you don’t see your application on our pages, please get in touch and we will happily see if we can help. We are constantly developing our products and your requirements could be on our road map.

A Single View

Whatever industry you are in, we use our hardware to connect you with the area of your business you are trying to monitor. We then allow you to view data from multiple locations in one area online. Driving efficiency, cost reductions, improved revenues and customer satisfaction are just a few benefits that can be realised from implementing our end-to-end IoT Solutions.

Data Transfer for Clear Visibility

View the data received from our hardware on any device, anywhere and anytime. Stay ahead of the field by setting parameters and alarms to ensure you can respond quickly to changes in the areas you are trying to monitor getting constant clarity.

Easy to Integrate and Install

Simple fast integration with your business whatever your application. Easy installation means it couldn’t be simpler to realise the power of the ‘Internet of Things’ and transform how you manage your application.

Measurable Results

As a result of using Polygon Digital Solutions you get a fast ROI, with light touch, quick to deploy systems. All from an agile and passionate company who cares about your success. Most noteworthy, Polygon Digital Solutions class many of our customers as partners. At Polygon Digital Solutions we are here to ensure you receive a robust solution. As well as service, that meets your Industrial IoT needs.

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