Risk Management

Mitigating risks for construction projects

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Manage Risk with Precise Data

CDL Smart Digital Solutions is valuable throughout every phase of a typical construction project because it delivers precise, reliable data on movement and a range of other parameters.

  • Safety Risk:  While your crew is highly skilled and experienced, and you have taken safety measures throughout the project, accidents can still happen. Additionally, there are risks associated with poisons, chemicals, and other pollutants. Know the safety risks to your crew, before, during, and after. 
  • Financial Risk: any factors that can interrupt your cash flow need to be identified. This can include a cost increase for materials, damage to assets, or health and safety risks. The more you understand the project as it's happening the more you can mitigate any financial risk. 
  • Legal Risk: Managing a construction project involves more than the constraints of time, cost, and scope. There are legal constraints, such as regulations, code violations, and contract terms disputes with your clients, vendors, and subcontractors. Any of these things can send your construction project off track. 
  • Project Risk:  These include poor management of resources, missing deadlines, and falling behind schedule. The construction project manager must be thorough and aware of difficulties that can throw the project off track.
  • Environmental Risk: Such as floods, and gases. If anything unexpected unleashes that makes the construction site inaccessible it is costly and potentially destructive for a construction project.


Other Insights

Smart Construction

Construction risk management monitoring benefits the process of evaluating and implementing procedures to reduce the impact of risks in construction projects.

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  • Real-Time Updates 
  • Graphs and Charts to Display the Data 
  • Key Performance Indicators 
  • Notifications and Alerts 
  • Accessible from Any Desktop or Mobile Device 
  • Secure, Scalable, and Resilient Platform

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