Leak Detection and Prevention

Detect, Prevent and Eliminate the risks of leaks in homes

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Social Housing
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Smart end-to-end IoT solution

Together with Social Housing Organisations our Prevention-as-a-Service platform saves cost of restoration and have a positive impact on the environment!

At Polygon Digital Solutions, we understand suffering a water pipe leak can be extremely distressing, expensive and disruptive to tenants and social housing organisations.

The Polygon Digtial Solutions IoT platform and sensor technology together with Polygon’s expertise in property damage control and mitigation enables early leak detection and rapid recovery, decreasing the need for drying and restoration work.


4 reasons to start the conversation today

  1. Reduce costs associated with restoration work and corresponding claims operations,
    by reducing frequency and severity of damages
  2. Decrease CO2 emissions, by decreased need for drying and restoration work
  3. Enhance policy-holder loyalty, as a result of bringing a value-added service
  4. Data-driven groundbreaking new insights for innovation and improvement,
    due to collection of data that never existed before

Other Insights

Stay in control and ahead of the game

The Digtial Solutions platform, an innovative tool for risk management, provides actionable insights when you need them. All in one place, you are in complete control of your data and remain compliant.

Look no further than Polygon

Polygon also has an unrivalled non-destructive Leak Detection service. Having developed the service ourselves, we have spent the last 60 years perfecting it, upgrading, and developing new equipment and techniques, and listening to our customers on how we can tailor the solution to fit them.  


  • Gain insights from across your property estate at a high level 
  • Dashboard that delivers property insights 
  • Key Performance Indicators 
  • Notifications and Alerts 
  • Accessible from Any Desktop or Mobile Device 
  • Secure, Scalable, and Resilient Platform 
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