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Our story begins with the convergence of two innovative entities: Hiotlabs and Caption Data, now collectively known as Polygon Digital Solutions. We offer a full spectrum of remote monitoring solutions, encompassing hardware, software-as-a-service, implementation, and support, tailored to both commercial and industrial needs.

Polygon is a major worldwide player in property damage control, providing solutions to prevent, control and mitigate all kinds of property damage. The basis for our success is our more than 6,400 committed employees, guided by a strong corporate culture. We are the new generation of Property Damage Control specialists – determined to drive industry transformation.

Hiotlabs, established in 2015 with a profound mission: to harness modern, cutting-edge technology for the betterment of our world. Our core focus revolves around the prevention and mitigation of property damage. We accomplish this through a robust portfolio of cost-effective hardware and an intelligent, efficient alarm handling system via our proprietary Prevention-as-a-Service platform, Fairtrail.

In 2020, Polygon welcomed Hiotlabs into its family, integrating our expertise into their water damage prevention services. Together, we embark on a mission to create significant societal value through early leak detection and swift recovery, ultimately reducing the need for costly drying and restoration efforts. This not only saves our clients substantial restoration expenses but also contributes positively to the environment by curbing CO2 emissions.

Caption Data Limited (CDL) has been at the forefront of delivering comprehensive IoT solutions to a diverse array of business clients. Our journey has placed us at the forefront of the rapidly expanding IoT market. 

Caption Data brings a distinctive set of principles to the table, adaptable to virtually any application across various industries. These principles enable us to capture and deliver the data that matters most to you. In 2022, CDL aqquired by Polygon Group, propelling our digital offerings into the international arena. This strategic move amplifies our commitment to innovation and growth.

What value can Polygon Digtial Solutions bring?

We work with you to understand your key business needs then work with your team to acquire, integrate, aggregate, and present the right data so you and they have what you need to achieve your goals – whether that is growth, efficiency, customer service, or cost controls.

Core values – what we believe in

Our staff is passionate about our products, customers, and standards.

  • INTEGRITY  - We are transparent and act in an honest way. We take responsibility for our actions. Reliability is a key part of the services we offer.
  • EXCELLENCE - We are experts and knowledge leaders, striving for continuous improvement and applying best practice from our global operations.
  • EMPATHY - We have a genuine understanding of our customers’ challenges. Our people make a difference by showing respect and compassion.

Working with Polygon Digital Solutions

We are always looking for sales partners, clients, staff, contractors, and suppliers who share our values – why not contact us? 

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