CDL Achieves ISO 9001 Certification


We are thrilled to share with you that Caption Data has achieved a momentous milestone - we are now officially ISO 9001 Certified!

5 Ways IoT is Revolutionising Field Service Organisations


Discover the Future of Field Service with IoT

CDL: Pioneering IoT Solutions with a Rich Heritage


With so many IoT solutions on the market, how can you know you are choosing the best solution for your organization?

The NanoULTRA-III grows for use in wider applications


The NanoULTRA-III has been delivering valuable asset data to the ExactAire™ platform for in excess of five Years and the capabilities continue to grow.   The NanoULTRA-III can Support for up to 12 Modbus RTU slave devices (Previously 4 Slaves)

Water Utilities aiming to become carbon net-zero


The government recently announced its intention to set in law a world-leading climate change target, which will require significant effort across all sectors of the economy including the Water Utilities industry to become carbon net-zero. Understanding what energy assets are using or wasting, will help Water Utilities towards becoming carbon net-zero and offer substantial cost savings.

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