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CDL: Pioneering IoT Solutions with a Rich Heritage

With so many IoT solutions on the market, how can you know you are choosing the best solution for your organization?

Social Housing

With so many IoT solutions on the market, how can you know you are choosing the best solution for your organization?

CDL is not new to IoT solutions; we have specialized in developing, manufacturing, and supporting our own IoT solutions for over 12 years across various industry sectors. Our aim is to offer clearer insights for making business decisions, lowering operational costs, and mitigating potential failures.

As the future approaches, CDL is in an established position to adapt our technology to suit various requirements and customer demands. That's why when the need for clearer insights to manage tenant living conditions arose, CDL was among the first to respond with a rich heritage in monitoring environmental conditions and leak detection, we were able to use this extensive knowledge to assist in key areas for social housing. Working closely with Social Housing Organisations, we developed a practical solution that provides valuable insights into properties at risk of damp and mould, fuel poverty, and other factors.

Our ExactAire™ solution is a LoRaWan enabled battery-powered device, eliminating the need for hardwiring into properties or existing systems like boilers, smoke detectors, or alarms. This flexibility allows you to move the sensor between properties, focusing on hard-to-treat areas. The sensors are small, non-intrusive, and due to the LoRaWan technology, they do not require Wi-Fi access, providing tenants with peace of mind.

All the data retrieved from the devices are securely transferred via our gateway to a hosted platform, ExactAire™, where you can view raw data or customize your own dashboards for an easy-to-interpret overview of your properties or drill down into individual assets.

Recently, CDL celebrated becoming part of the Polygon Group, enabling us to offer a full turnkey approach to your needs. Our experts interpret the data, provide detailed reports, and offer restoration and property management services, making CDL and Polygon your integrated service for monitoring, analysing, and maintaining your property asset portfolio.

Take the next step towards advanced property management and valuable insights. Discover the power of CDL's IoT solutions in partnership with the Polygon Group. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your property asset portfolio!

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