The ExactAire™ platform is the most advanced system available for monitoring the effectiveness of our installed temporary environmental control equipment.

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The ExactAire™ platform is the most advanced system available for monitoring the effectiveness of our installed temporary environmental control equipment.

Wireless Multi-Sensor Cloud Solutions

Light touch, end-to-end IoT solutions delivering data insights to your business.

Our end-to-end IoT solution provides around-the-clock remote monitoring of enviomental conditions inside the built environment, it allows the measurement of temperature, humidity, CO2, Voltage, current, vibration, and much more.  Delivering immediate alerts of potential problems via e-mail or SMS. Short- and long-term reports on the maintained conditions are immediately available, at any time.

The battery-powered sensors have excellent penetration within buildings making for a quick and easy setup process, this gets you your valuable asset and service data in a super quick time frame. This is complemented by 5 to 15 Years of battery life for a fit-and-forget experience. 

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The ExactAire™ Solution

ExactAire™ Multi-Sensor Monitoring System

Key features

  • Up to 5000m line of sight and 2000m indoor sensor range
  • Seamless communication to the ExactAire Dashboard 
  • Extensive range of sensors available
  • Simple set up, simply plug in and log onto web, no custom software to install
  • Battery powered for 5 Years+
  • Long-range wireless sensors allow for minimal disruption during installation
  • No reliance on local IT networks to transmit data

24/7 Monitoring

While personnel using handheld devices provide readings at one point in-time, our solution provides continuous real-time monitoring, trend analysis, and documentation.

The ExactAire® sensors collect and transmit data in real-time to user dashboards

We work with you

Polygon Digital Solutions provides adaptable systems tailored to your needs. Leveraging the Polygon Digital Solutions stack team on over 40 years worth of development heritage.

If you have a monitoring requirement that doesn't appear available on our website, contact our team. We have the opportunity to adapt the solution and equipment specifically to your needs. 

We have worked together to develop systems to suite the needs of our clients and our business. The key area of working with Caption Data is their after sales and support network which is key for our operatives out in the field.

Neal Clarke of Polygon

We (ATi) chose to work with Caption Data as they are a very 'personal' company to work with (very similar culture of hard work to that at ATi). Both ATi and Caption Data have grown in size over the past few years. The innovation and constant upgrading to improve systems has been wonderful. Caption Data take pride in joining in with meetings of the UK water companies to guarantee that their build of website and data capturing is exactly what the end user wants. Changes to technology come quick as the company is a perfect size to prevent any potential conflict of interest from internal and external factors.

Tristen Preger (ATi, UK Sales Manager)

We have used Caption Data and their former incarnation since 2008 for our remote monitoring solutions and help with our sensor technology. Caption Data team have always been very helpful and knowledgeable . When we have required support in the field or equipment to a deadline Caption Data have responded professionally and efficiently to ensure we don't lose time.

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