Ermilio Derys, technician

Ermilio, technician within water- and fire damage restoration.

Ermilio Derys, technician

My name is Ermilio and I am a technician. I work for our Fire- and Water damage restoration department. My work is little bit of a challenge. Sometimes I arrive in front of a big construction site and I know that it´s going to be difficult. Then I am particularly happy when, at the end, the customer says that he is satisfied by our reactivity and our efficiency and that he asserts that me and my colleagues did a good job!

What you like most in your work?

What I like most is the progress from day to day. I try to always be more efficiant every day. Even if we can´t do miracle, I like having the sensation to have filled my contract, to have the feeling of that I have really made my job as good as possible. I love my work: that’s why I have worked for Polygon Property Restoration and Climate Solutions in France since 2005!

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