Cases – Water

Rapid relief in Münster

On the night between 27 and 28 July 2014, a record-breaking amount of rain fell in the span of seven hours in the greater Münster area in Germany. Rainfall volumes of 292 litres per square meter led to widespread damage and nearly one thousand calls for help to Polygon.

Immediate response was essential, which meant effectively coordinating the incoming jobs,
bringing in additional technicians, and quickly accessing and implementing extra equipment.

Almost 400 jobs came in that day. Having enough people able to respond was critical.
All calls were routed to Polygon’s call centre in Olpe, which had 30 people handling up to
60 calls per minute during the high-water situation. Employees were brought in from
other parts of Germany, increasing the number of available technicians by up to five-fold on
critical days.

With 60 branches in Germany, Polygon is well-equipped in terms of staff and equipment
to act quickly in the event of disasters. In the Münster flooding case, the 1,000 dryers that
were immediately needed were easily sourced and transported from the central stock.
Polygon’s muscles in a large-loss situation set us apart from our competitors. We have the
capacity to respond to more jobs right away, allowing homeowners and businesses to get
back to normal much faster.