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Top tips for an optimal indoor climate

Good indoor climate is crucial to avoid problems associated with condensation and mould and for a healthy living environment.

  • Ventilate your house or apartment several times a day.
  • Condensation on the inside windows are always an indication of damp indoor climate. Ventilate if this happens.
  • Do not constantly leave your windows open in cold weather.
  • Install mechanical ventilation in the kitchen and bathrooms – it is important that these rooms always are ventilated. Keep doors closed to prevent moisture from spreading throughout the apartment.
  • Keep the temperature consistent and never allow cooling below 0°C (32°F) due to the risk of condensation.
  • The doors between cold and warm spaces should remain closed.
  • Do not place furniture directly against exterior walls.
  • Check the floors, walls and ceilings for visible water damage, including bubbles on the surface, mould spots or colour changes.
  • Use a shower curtain and wipe up water on the floor after showering or bathing.
  • Clean the bathroom floor drains, under the tub and around the edges on the tub or shower.
  • Perform a simple ventilation control to see if the mechanical ventilation can hold a paper. If you do not have a vent in the bathroom, there should be a gap for air exchange that is about as wide as a finger under or over the door to the bathroom.
  • Always contact your landlord before you install a washer or dryer.
  • The ventilation system does not always have the capacity to vent the moisture from bathrooms used by several people. The residual moisture can lead to mould growth (dark colour) or bacteria (orange-red). This can be washed weekly with a sponge and ordinary detergents. Residual mould in tile joints does not present a health risk.

If your home still has high humidity despite extensive ventilating, the cause also could be a hidden leak or a constructional defect. Contact a professional restoration company if this is not provided through your insurance company.

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