Surface preparation & coating

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Surface preparation & coating

Too often condensation can cause problems and delays when coatings are applied in cold weather or in humid climates, to the extent that many coating operations are re-scheduled or cancelled because of changes in weather conditions.

Through a combination of industry specific experience and technology, our technicians can increase the time available between the blast-cleaning of metal surfaces and the application of anti-corrosion paints; enabling larger structures such as petroleum or water tanks, to be blasted and painted in fewer stages.

Our dehumidification equipment effectively stops corrosion of the blasted metal surface and allows the contractor to ‘hold-the-blast’ for days or weeks, rather than hours, before painting. This provides an increased life for the coatings, better controlled work schedules and reduced downtime, leading to improved productivity and greater profitability.

New advancements in temporary dehumidification equipment meets ‘green’ objectives while reducing operating costs.

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