Ultrasonic cleaning

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Ultrasonic cleaning

The use of ultrasonic technology is widely used by Polygon Restoration to successfully restore a range of items from household goods to industrial machinery and components. 

Ultrasonic cleaning requires the use of high frequency sound waves generated in water to remove a variety of contaminants including dirt, oil, grease and mold.

Materials that respond particularly well to ultrasonic cleaning include metals, glass, ceramic and, perhaps most importantly, electronics such as computers and TV’s.

This method of cleaning is not just cost effective it’s fast too, and our ultrasonic baths are mobile, so when necessary we can create a decontamination area on-site to allow production to continue and businesses to remain uninterrupted.

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We have spent over 60 years successfully preventing and controlling the effects of fire, water and climate by investing in ou people, knowledge and technology. This has led to the development of industry leading solutions for our customers, including a patented vehicle restoration process. Our continued commitment has enabled us to become the global leader in property damage restoration and temporary climate solutions.

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