Polygon and Copart Add Value to Storm-Hit Policyholders With Sustainable Vehicle Recovery


Polygon has partnered with Copart, a global leader in online vehicle remarketing and recycling, to support policyholders whose vehicles were damaged in major storms.

Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin caused major disruption across the UK in February 2022, triggering a high volume of claims after properties and vehicles were impacted by flooding and water damage.

Copart provides insurance clients with a complete vehicle recovery and resale offering, partnering with Polygon for access to specialist drying and decontamination services. This enables vehicles to be either returned to their owners or to achieve greater resale value through Copart’s patented online auctions.

Polygon’s patented vehicle restoration process combines innovative technology with the technical skill of Polygon’s technicians to recover the best possible value from a vehicle that has suffered damage due to water (or smoke).

Affected vehicles are fully disassembled in a controlled environment, where carpets, upholstery and trim are removed to allow for further assessment and decontamination. A bespoke restoration plan may include elimination of moulds and contaminants, ultrasonic cleaning, odour removal, dehumidification and bacteria testing.

On completion of the work, the vehicle is handed back to Copart with a report and having completed a hygiene test. If it cannot be returned to the policyholder, Copart will look to re-categorise and resell via its global online auction platform. Vehicles with serious storm damage, which cannot be dried out, are taken to one of Copart’s 18 locations across the UK to be auctioned or recycled for parts.


Vehicle before and after restoration.


"Following the recent storms, we’re delighted that the specialist treatments available through our exclusive partnership with Polygon Restoration are enabling our insurance customers to either return water-damaged vehicles to their policy holders or achieve higher returns through our patented online auctions." Said Jane Pocock, Managing Director of Copart UK & Ireland.

"Being able to give as many vehicles as possible a new lease of life through value-added services like this means we can reduce the number of vehicles that need to be scrapped. This all helps contribute towards the successful delivery of Copart’s Plan-Net-Zero commitment to both global sustainability and becoming a greener business."

Richard Done, Commercial Operations Director at Polygon UK & Ireland, added: "Since partnering with Copart we have seen vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and models passing through the workshop, and it’s always amazing to see the results the team achieve even with the most damaged of vehicles."

"For us the process forms part of our sustainability strategy and plans to work with businesses that align with each other to achieve a greatly reduced environmental impact. Vehicle restoration forms part of our overall solutions package that we provide to the wider insurance claims sector, helping to reduce impact on the planet across the financial services industry."

For more details on vehicle restoration, including our exclusive partnership with Copart, visit flood and fire damage restoration or contact the Polygon team today on 01480 442327.  


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