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Getting you back in business - FAST

If your business suffers a flood, fire or serious escape of water, what happens next?

While your insurer may ultimately pay for your loss, it takes time to sort out a claim and for real action to start. Meanwhile, you may not be trading and your immediate costs are increasing - what happens if you let down your customers because you can't deliver? Will they go elsewhere? Will you get them back?

Whether you make a claim or whether the costs are your responsibility, getting your business back up and running quickly depends on your decisions and your access to expert help.

This is where PROACT membership comes in. We'll get to site fast and take the immediate action needed to stabilise your building and contents. This keeps the overall costs down and helps you to quickly get back in business.

And remember, our costs are likely to be covered by your claim since our early actions will reduce the overall claim costs.

PROACT means fast, expert help when you need it the most.

The role of PROACT post loss:

  • Early attendance on site
  • Assess the extent of damage
  • Stabilise building and contents to prevent further deterioration
  • Consult with the customer and take early action to enable trading/business to continue

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We're relied upon by many independent businesses, and by most of the UK and Europe's leading insurers too.

Our experienced project managers are supported by specialist technicians. Our continued investment in the widest range of technologies and equipment will get you back in business in the shortest time possible. We've successfully dealt with every conceivable environment from floods to major fire damages and the corrosion of machinery in high humidity areas. So not only do we know a great deal about how to resolve the damage, we also have real insight into how to prevent some incidents happening in the first place - insight we want to share with you.

Truly Nationwide coverage

Why Polygon?


We know that a fast, effective and appropriate response is critical to ensuring that the damage and associated costs caused by the effects of fire, water and climate are minimised. That's why we provide 24 hour coverage delivered 7 days a week by a global network of 2,600 employees. We guarantee a rapid, right first time response, whenever you need us.


We have spent over 60 years successfully preventing and controlling the effects of fire, water and climate by investing in our people, knowledge and technology. This has led to the development of industry leading solutions for our customers, including a patented vehicle restoration process. Our continued commitment has enabled us to become the global leader in property damage restoration and temporary climate solutions.


We have a global network in place across 13 countries ensuring that we are 'Always By Your Side' when you need us. We make this process efficient for you, by providing updates on progress to ensure you return to your property as quickly as possible.


Our highly-trained technicians will quickly assess the damage, recommend the correct, most effective course of action and then employ a range of leading edge techniques to restore both the property and its contents.