Reinventing the wheel

In 1955, Swedish entrepreneur Carl Munters founded the Munters Corporation based on his initial idea to develop an air conditioning system that used evaporative cooling and dehumidification. The key components of the system were the desiccant wheel and evaporative pads.

Recognised as a true innovator and the humidity expert, Munters launched its Moisture Control Services (MCS) in 1985. Insurance companies and their suppliers were already using smaller Munters units to dry water-damaged properties, so starting in the UK, MCS rapidly grew into a global business throughout the 1990s with a presence in more than 20 countries.

Munters was predominantly a large-scale manufacturing business and faced new challenges in the service industry. Moisture Control Services operated in a high-volume, low-value business environment that relied on large numbers of people to deliver the service. As a result, MCS never reached the profitability expectations of the parent company.

In October 2010, the MCS division was divested from the Munters Group and Polygon was born. Wholly owned by Triton, a private equity firm, Polygon today has a strong growth agenda and a dedicated focus on property damage control. Our roots in Munters serve us well as we work to prevent, mitigate and control the effects of water, fire and climate.