Water Damage Restoration

Polygon provides restoration over replacement in partnership with the supply chain

Policyholders, Mr and Mrs D, were left distraught after a tap was left running in an upstairs bathroom, which resulted in damage to their antique furniture. The furniture held sentimental value for the policyholders and also held a high replacement value for the insurer. With Polygon’s dedicated project management approach, the team were able to work with their specialist supply chain to restore the antique furniture rather than replace it.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Polygon keeps construction project on schedule.

A construction company building a new school in London was having issues drying screed and walls to the optimum level. Contractors must be certain that the walls and floors in any new construction have been dried properly; failure to do this could mean that in time flooring may lift and mould could develop. Ultimately this could require the contractor to revisit the job to carry out remedial work; costing them and the client time, money and loss of reputation.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Polygon provides solutions for ice rinks.

Preventing condensation on the ice sheet during events allows lower ice sheet temperatures to be achieved. Blowing a blanket of dry air over the arena prevents the formation of condensation on overhead surfaces, the ice sheet and structure. The elimination of condensation prevents rust on the permanent structure, improved ice quality and the elimination of fog.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Importance of screed moisture testing identified.

During the construction process, it is vital for the building contractor to ensure the screed has been dried to the optimal level before any final floor finishes such as vinyl, carpets or tiles are applied. If the screed is still wet, it can result in the floor finish lifting after fitting. This not only results in additional cost to repair the damage, it also creates significant disruption for the dweller and potential reputational damage for the contractor.

Temporary Climate Solutions

The sky’s the limit with Polygon’s climate solutions.

When an aircraft is removed from service for any period of time, as part of a planned maintenance programme or held until sold, it is important to protect it from potentially harmful environmental conditions. An airline engineering company in the East of England was looking for a solution to achieve and maintain optimum environments for the aircrafts they work with. The company store, service and maintain many different aircrafts, including Boeing 737’s, Airbus A320’s, Fokker 70/100 and BAe146/Avro RJ’s.

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