Temporary Climate Solutions

Polygon has fast fix for ice build-up on fast food production line freezer.

Spiral freezers are widely used in the food industry to quickly chill or freeze fresh products during production. High moisture content in fresh food and the quality of air surrounding the intake to a freezer can lead to excessive frost and ice build-up. The only way to continue production is to shut down and clear the ice – resulting in downtime and incurring cost.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Concrete support for Scotland’s bridges.

The ‘Forth Road Bridge’ which opened in 1964 has shown significant signs of deterioration over recent times, meaning that it can no longer be deemed as a viable option for the main crossing of the Firth of Forth. Following a study conducted by Transport Scotland, it was decided that‘Queensferry Crossing’, a new cable stayed bridge, would be constructed and situated to the West of the current ‘Forth Road Bridge’. The ‘Forth Replacement Crossing’ is Scotland’s biggest transport infrastructure project in a generation and four construction companies were selected to complete construction.

Temporary Climate Solutions

A ‘black belt’ in water damage restoration.

When the River Irvine in Kilmarnock burst its banks, it meant that properties in the surrounding areas were exposed to significant water damage and contamination. This put them at risk of extremeproperty damage and sanitary issues. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) stated that the river had reached its highest level in 57 years.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Claxton Poultry controls condensation with dehumidification.

A mass quantity of water is used by poultry processors to maintain a hygienic work environment. This water evaporates and can cause condensation on the ceiling, walls and equipment within processing areas.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Polygon’s expertise in creating the right environment is bullet-proof.

The Scottish Parliament Building is situated at the foot of Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile, within the UNESCO World Heritage site. The building was constructed from a mixture of steel, granite and oak and recognised at the time as one of the most innovative designs in Britain.

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