Parametric Insurance

Parametric Insurance

Polygon UK and FloodFlash: A unique approach to manage the increasing flood of avoidable commercial water damage claims.

Whatever the reason – the continued impact of climate change, the insistence by some to build on flood plains, the erosion of flood defences, or perhaps a combination of all those factors, many UK businesses face the perennial risk of flooding.

Polygon’s credibility in responding to large scale flooding is unrivalled – not just in the UK, but right across the globe. Our heritage is in being the drying expert of choice and today we continue to support the entire insurance supply chain by returning properties to pre-incident condition quickly and cost effectively.

We have recognised for some time that damage prevention must be a key component in any business continuity plan and, as a result have developed a portfolio of services designed to mitigate against the impact of flooding.

Our exclusive partnership with FloodFlash is a tangible example of how our preventative portfolio can reduce the impact of flooding and therefore speed recovery times, reduce restoration costs, minimise business interruption and therefore our overall impact on the environment.

As its core FloodFlash is a parametric insurance product, enabling commercial customers to pre-select the depth of flood cover they require, and using IoT technology, payment is made within 48 hours of that depth being recorded.

Customers can make informed decisions about the cover/risk metric by taking advantage of Polygon’s press loss mitigation service. Our experienced, expert technicians can provide a clear assessment of the risk, and extent of potential flooding and make recommendations based on that risk, together with a range of other factors including the installation of flood defences and trading priorities.

In the event a damage is suffered, the accepted advice should ensure that damage is kept to a minimum. And because Polygon has a record of the property and the customer priorities, restoration work can begin much more quickly – reducing the opportunity for secondary damage and managing customer anxiety and interruption.

Customer benefits

  • Mitigate the potential for damage through pre-loss risk-assessment services
  • Expert guidance on sensor positioning and level of cover required
  • Rapid 24/7 emergency response in the event of a claim being triggered
  • Highly experienced team of fully trained restoration professionals
  • State-of-the-art restoration technology and techniques
  • Proactive or reactive installation of flood defence and resilience measures
  • More affordable insurance premiums when combined with a survey and resilience measures

For more information on the exclusive partnership between Polygon and FloodFlash, contact us on 01480 442327.

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