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At Polygon, we recognise the vital role that brokers play in the insurance supply chain. We also recognise the challenges they face in delivering a service that continues to meet the changing demands of clients.

That’s why, following in-depth market research, we developed a dedicated proposition for brokers − one that not only helps retain clients but grow them. It’s called Broker Parallel by Polygon. 

Introducing Broker Parallel by Polygon

Broker Parallel is an integrated proposition for insurance brokers that combines our expertise in property damage prevention, mitigation and control with best-in-class service. With Broker Parallel, in return for your nomination on claims, you will unlock access to our premium range of services, providing you with the tools to enhance your client offering. These include:

  • Specialist claim-prevention services, including PolyStop, our smart water meter and leak-detection solution, and our pre-claim planning mitigation service
  • A subscription to Primo+, our 24/7/365 service for reporting claims and accessing immediate expert advice on fire and water mitigation
  • Enhanced data to help you better profile client risk

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The benefits of Broker Parallel by Polygon

Broker Parallel brings a genuine point of competitive advantage to your business, enabling you to demonstrate real value to your clients by helping to better protect their business. This, in turn, means your client can better plan for property-related risks and, in the event of damage, limit the impact of any business interruption. Key benefits include:

Technical support

Following a loss, we are on hand to provide expert telephone support regarding mitigation steps. Upon receipt of visuals of the damage, we can accurately cost the project and quickly arrive on site with the right resources in terms of people and equipment.

Customer retention

Expanding your offering through Broker Parallel provides a great catalyst for customer conversations, enhancing your value and further strengthening the relationship.

Business protection

Our mitigation services immediately stop secondary damage occurring and help return equipment and property to a pre-incident condition in the fastest possible timeframe to minimise business interruption.

Immediate response

With Primo+, our experts are just a call away. And with the capacity and resources of a global leader, we can respond with the right combination of people, knowledge and technology to get the job done.

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Broker Parallel by Polygon. For unparalleled times.

Contact us today to find out more about Broker Parallel by Polygon. Email or speak directly to David Carr, Broker Development Manager on or call 07584 500 856. 

For more information about our Primo+ services, including our current free subscription offering, please click here.

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