MGA’s & London Market

MGA’s & London Market

We estimate that around $8 billion is spent every year on property damage restoration in Europe. Who knew that the odd factory fire or burst water pipes could cause so much damage to properties, people and profits?

At Polygon we manage around $1 billion of damages each year – that’s 250,000+ policyholders. That’s also potentially 250,000 prospects that you could win profitably by better protecting them.

At Polygon, we combine transformative technologies with unrivalled expertise to prevent, control and mitigate the impact of fire, escape of water, flood and storm perils. Through a double-digit reduction in the volume and value of claims, we enable our MGA clients to realise significant and sustainable increases in revenue.

There’s a lot of numbers in here. But really there are only two numbers that are important. You and your customer.

How we work with MGAs and the London Market

At Polygon, our work is focused on the policyholder, but we are mindful of its impact on the entire insurance supply chain. We believe in the importance of keeping all stakeholders informed through clear and meaningful communication, and we are committed to investing in efficient equipment and intelligent technology to limit damage, accelerate resolution and limit costs.

Contact us today to find out more about our services for MGAs and the London Market. Simply email or call us on 01480 442 327.

The benefits of working with Polygon

  • We provide an unrivalled depth and breadth of capacity and experience
  • We keep claim duration to a minimum
  • We limit business interruption
  • We reduce claim costs
  • We educate your clients on how to minimise personal loss
  • We work with all the major UK insurers
  • We offer a dynamic customer experience, providing customers with access to experienced claims handlers
  • We start work on the first visit to reduce the potential of any secondary damage

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