Private Homeowners

Private Homeowners

At Polygon, we understand that your property is a place where you, your friends and your family should feel comfortable and secure. We also know that when water or fire damage strikes, it can have a devastating personal impact.

Our restoration services are designed to minimise the pain of these difficult moments. Through a combination of speed and skill, and a blend of excellent customer care and technical capabilities, our professional team works with your insurer to deliver everything needed to restore your house and make it a home again.

How we work with homeowners

All the restoration and repair services we offer are focused on achieving swift and proper resolution. From the first moment you contact one of our customer care team through to the point where your property is returned to its original condition, we do everything we can to make your experience as smooth as possible.

The benefits of choosing Polygon

  • We provide an unrivalled depth and breadth of capacity and experience
  • We keep restoration and repair duration to a minimum
  • We minimise disruption
  • We reduce costs
  • We provide support on how to minimise personal loss
  • We offer a dynamic customer experience, providing customers with access to experienced claims handlers
  • We start work on the first visit to reduce the potential of any secondary damage