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For many years we have employed the services of specialists to carry out asbestos testing on our behalf when ACM’s are suspected.

In addition these companies carry out the cleanup of any ACM debris as well as the complete removal where required. Some of our clients prefer to employ their preferred contractors to complete this work.
Either way the moment we suspect the presence of an ACM it is not possible to install drying equipment and the progress of the claim is delayed.
Having completed a successful trial we are now able to offer a national service delivered by our directly employed technicians who have been fully trained and equipped ensuring the full compliance with UK legislation.

How does Polygon, add value?

  • Reduce Job Cycles
  • Allow Installation on 1st Visit
  • Provide Minor clean ups on 1st Visit
  • Improved Customer Journey
  • Fits in with ‘Single Piece Flow’
  • Less touches
  • Consistency of results
  • Standardised approach across the country


What are the proven benefits?

  • Installation of drying equipment during the first visit due to use of unique adhesive film and minor clean using HEPA filter vacuum
  • Reduced touches to policy holder by an average of two calls and two visits on BAU compared to sending a third supplier
  • Reduction in claim duration on average of 10 to 20 days compared to using a third party supplier
  • Customer journey improved clean up and drying works are started on first visit compared to walking away and arranging another visit when tests and clean up have been carried out.

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