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Collaboration Cross Borders

A devastating fire in Norway causes Polygon Norway, PolygonVatro and Polygon Denmark to come together and collaborate for the Major and Complex Claims Project in order to finish the 40 million NOK worth restauration. The prognosis is that the factory can re-open again, right in time for the important herring season.

Earlier this summer, on the 2nd of August, a fish factory in the Norwegian town Senjahopen was in flames due to a forklift catching fire. Polygon Norway settled the assignment of cleaning the building of soot the following Friday. On the Monday after, Polygon was in place in the factory.

The team got support from Polygonvatro, thanks to Major & Complex Claims; a project with a 24/7-ready team from Germany. They delivered material, chemicals and technicians. At that time, 80 Polygon technicians worked together to clean the factory and the machines from soot.

More damage equals more devotion
Later during the week, a new fire broke out in another building on the site. Polygon was once again by their customer’s side and gathered technicians from Norway, Germany and Denmark together with delivered material from Eurostock in the Netherlands.

Idar Kjøsnes, Manager for the project at Polygon, describes the situation.

“It all started with a fire in a truck. We came with 80 men to investigate the fire damage but later on another fire broke out, on the same site in another building. Everything that was done cleaning had to be cleaned again, and another 4000 m2 was added to the cleaning process. So the damage became double as much as it was the day before.”

Tone Alfredsen, Quality Manager at the fish factory, was worried at first due to the tight time schedule. Even though she thought of all the equipment in the factory as well as the strict safety regulations for all the food, she never lost hope.

“I’m very pleased that the maintenance and cleaning in Nergård and Polygon go hand in hand so that we can be efficient. I’m also happy that everyone has the goal of being done before the new season starts.”

No change in time schedule despite double the work
Together, 160 Polygon technicians are working around the clock, 100 during the day and 60 during the night. Norway, Germany and Denmark, as well as Eurostock in Holland, are working together in this enormous project.

Even though Idar has a long experience in the business, he has never seen anything like this.

“This is the biggest project that Polygon Norway has done, ever. The first damage was worth nearly 20 million NOK, and then it became double as big. This means that totally the damage is worth 40 million NOK for Polygon. That is gigantic.”

Tone feels the same way.

“I have never participated in anything comparable to this, and I will bring with me this experience as Polygon has methods and details that we may never have thought of.”

Despite the latest fire, the time frame hasn’t changed. The assignment is due 10th of October, but will probably be finished a few weeks before, right in time for the important herring season.

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