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Empowering employees to take control of their development and training opportunities

At Polygon UK, we see engagement and training as significant to the development of our colleagues. Yet, we also understand that everybody learns in different ways, and that versatile training opportunities appeal to people.

In line with Learning at Work Week 2019, our Learning & Development Manager, Rob Elliot, discusses the Polygon Learning Zone, our online learning system, and how it empowers colleagues.


The Polygon Learning Zone gives individuals the power to learn at their own pace and in their own way. The system allows individuals to request placement on training courses, rather than being told they must attend. The versatility to opt in to attend a course means that you can choose your own pathway of training and development and timeline learning to align with personal goals.


The system has a framework which maps out the recommended training throughout an individual’s career at Polygon. There is a blended learning approach which combines face-to-face learning with e-learning bitesize modules. With 72 courses available, the learning varies from technical skill building, to modules in time management which are ideal for colleagues looking to develop either within their own role or to take a step up to managerial roles.


Every member of the Polygon team has a mandatory induction, including developing an understanding of the different areas and service offerings of Polygon. It is important that technicians are able to put their learning into practice, which they achieve via the Polygon Technical Drying. Hands-on experience is critical for technical development, but the Polygon Learning Zone backs this up by blending learning so that everyone regardless of their role can gain a deeper understanding and even refresh their thinking. This is a further benefit of the advanced learning opportunities on the e-learning system. There is always something new to learn and the freedom to continuously develop is appreciated by all at Polygon UK. Empowering colleagues means that we are positively shaping the future of Polygon and the industry.”

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