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Grand Designs house: Grand disaster averted by Polygon

Like their colleagues across the UK, our Polygon North West team is often called on to deal with claims at interesting properties. A recent one was a home featured on ‘Grand Designs’ which had suffered water damage from an unknown internal source.

Obviously, this claim was a huge upset to the customer after so much effort and cost in creating something special, and of course a big concern for the insurer too. The insurer trusted Polygon to solve this problem, knowing we have the right people, knowledge and the latest technology to deal with just this kind of scenario.

Using the latest in Leak Detection technology to non-destructively trace the source of the water, we
were able to pin-point a damaged hidden pipe in a room above the home’s basement cinema. Once the
leak had been traced, accessed and repaired by the Polygon technician, the process of moisture
mapping could begin. How far had the water spread and what could be done to reduce the impact of the

We instigated a system of High Pressure Vacuum Drying (HPV) to remediate the damage and reduce the
disruption to the family who were still living in their home.  

High Pressure Vacuum Drying is one of the techniques we use to dry floating floors, cavities and voids.
We make several unobtrusive small holes in the floor or wall, which are easy to fill later. A high-pressure
vacuum pump is then attached, and moisture-controlled air is circulated within the void or cavity. Coupled with careful monitoring of moisture conditions in the air and around the property, we ensure things are returning to a pre-incident condition and remove the risk of any residual damage.

The result: a delighted homeowner, who avoided the disruption of digging up the floor; a delighted
insurer, who avoided the cost of digging up the floor; and a delighted technician who gained job
satisfaction from issuing a certificate to say that the property was dry. Grand job all round.

Are living with an undetected escape of water? Call us now on 0330 332 2958 to arrange an appointment. 

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