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Polygon UK Mobilises its Reserved Eurofleet to Support UK Insurance Customers

Polygon UK Mobilises its Reserved Eurofleet to Support UK Insurance Customers

Following the recent widespread snow and freezing temperatures, Polygon has seen a very sharp rise in burst pipe, vertical flooding and escape of water claims, right across the UK.

As always in these kind of events, Polygon’s well-practiced surge plan was immediately put into action. With its investment in secure cloud based phone and comms systems, Polygon was able to deliver a fully operating claims operations centre, even when access to Polygon’s key Huntingdon headquarters was not possible due to blocked roads.

Our resources of personnel have been boosted in the field, as well as in the back office, using various pre-planned approaches.  

Polygon moved its fleet, the UK’s largest at 30,000+ items of equipment, around the country to where it was needed most, and reviewed equipment levels and types in all its locations.  While some insurers had been quick to pass on claims, some had to deal with significant challenges of their own.

With many vertical flooding (burst tank) claims among those received, the equipment demands for each claim were high. Polygon took the decision on the morning of Wed 7th March to boost the UK resources by using their reserved European Flood Fleet based in The Netherlands.

On Friday morning, over 1000 additional drying units started to arrive at the Polygon UK Headquarters in Huntingdon, with more arriving throughout the weekend.

Polygon UK & Ireland Managing Director, Jeremy Sykes, commented, “It was clear from the very early stages over the weekend of 3rd/ 4th March,  that claims were on the increase, and were large in scale. Following discussions with our insurance partners as to their view of likely claim levels, we took the decision to reinforce our already strong UK stocks of equipment with our centrally held Euro-fleet.

In the UK, we invest heavily every year in the best technology on the market to ensure we have the right quantities of efficient and environmentally responsible equipment to deal with both business as usual (BAU) and large scale events.  As the UK’s largest restoration company, our goal is to minimise damage and get people’s lives back on track as soon as we can, at the lowest cost to insurers. With a range of equipment and solutions, our technicians get the drying process started as quickly as they can, often on their first visit.  

Our Euro-fleet, held in reserve for occasions such as this, supports both the BAU and surge claims and is just one of the things that sets us apart in a very competitive market.”



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