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Stepping out of the comfort zone to go above and beyond

When the phone rings at Polygon, we have to be prepared for anything. A leaking pipe in a care home, meaning residents are at risk. Loss of power in a museum, putting priceless artefacts in danger of damage. A major fire at a global HQ, causing massive disruption and business interruption.


During a very busy period in August this year the POLYGONVATRO team received a call for help from one of the world’s largest mobile telephone network providers. They had suffered a major fire at their global HQ.

The timing of this was critical. Our Senior Managers were dealing with major losses throughout the UK, whilst our Project Coordinators were working across the country to deliver recovery projects for insurance clients. What could we do to help this high-profile client?


The problem fell to one of the Major & Complex Claims Team who was prepared to put themselves outside of their comfort zone. Someone with plenty of industry knowledge and experience, but who hadn’t taken on this type of challenge personally before. Enter Rachel Newton, our Business Development Manager, who got on a train within the hour and headed to site to offer the client help and advice until one of our more experienced field based team members could get to site to offer further support.

Rachel mobilised the wider Polygon UK business, making calls and arranging emergency equipment to arrive on site.  She organised the urgent mitigation works and gave the client the immediate reassurance they needed to know they were in safe hands.

As the site works picked up, Rachel handed the claim over to Regional Operations Manager, Steve Rowen and his team, who were able to get the client back up and running with minimal delay and disruption.

As a result of the early actions taken by Rachel, Steve and the team, POLYGONVATRO were rewarded with a UK-wide contract to deliver damage control services to all the customer’s site-delivering services by this household mobile network name.

As a result of their hard work, both Rachel and Steve received Polygon UK Extra Mile recognition Awards. The Green Pins are a way of saying thank you and are handed to colleagues across the business that go that extra mile for customers.

Rachel commented, “At the time I just saw it as doing my job, helping a customer in need and securing another major loss project for POLYGONVATRO. It’s only after when somebody says what a great job you did, you realise that you did go above and beyond. It’s even better when you get recognition for it.”

Steve said, “The project was not out of the ordinary for us, but the way it was handled was unique. The outcome speaks for itself and securing a UK-wide contract with such a high-profile company is fantastic. We’ve already handled four more incidents for them in recent weeks.”

Managing Director, Jeremy Sykes, said, “I’m always immensely proud of our Polygon colleagues and the personal effort and commitment they have to doing a great job.  People across the business who go the extra mile every day for our customers and for their colleagues. It’s not just in the field operations teams; it’s within the claims centre, dispatch teams, finance and equipment servicing departments. We feel as part of our company culture, that it’s really important to give deserved recognition to peers and colleagues. Everybody is actively encouraged to highlight positive actions by their colleagues.”            

For more information about Major & Complex Claims please contact Andrew Vincent or Rachel Newton.   

Above and beyond

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