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Polygon's Commitment to Sustainability

Polygon’s commitment to sustainability

World Earth Day is taking place this week, which celebrates the world’s commitment to the environment and climate change. It also gives us the chance, as a business, to take stock of the different initiatives we’re pioneering to tackle sustainability and environmental issues within our industry. Polygon is an organisation that behaves responsibly and promotes sustainability at every level of the business. 

Our core business - Restoration over replacement

Polygon’s commitment to helping the environment is aligned with its core business; restoration over replacement. This value is key to our work with the environment, as restoration reduces the use of new materials and in turn reduces waste. 

Previously, extensive strip-outs on properties and disposing of damaged electrical items were seen as the only option when it came to water and fire damage. However, with the help of advanced technology and specialist subcontractors in the supply chain, we are now able to offer a full restoration of the policyholders’ home and contents for the majority of claims.

Polygon continues to improve its environmental practices, by using and creating new IoT (Internet of Things) preventative technology. An example of this, is our creation of PolyStop. This device learns water usage patterns, and if unusual activity is detected, can shut off the central water supply.

Reducing landfill waste

Polygon’s restoration over replacement pledge also helps to reduce landfill waste and our overall environmental impact. Extensive strip-outs have an increased effect on the environment. When landfill waste de-composes it releases methane gas, which traps heat in the atmosphere.

Our responsibility

As illustrated, the environment is a central part of Polygon’s corporate responsibility. As an organisation, Polygon is committed to ensuring that we take all opportunities to minimise risks, whilst safeguarding our key values and consistently working to improve our sustainability procedures.

Polygon uses lightfoot technology for all company vehicles, which means that each vehicle is fitted with a driver aid that highlights excessive acceleration. The use of this technology has greatly reduced emission outputs from Polygon vehicles.

An example of this dedication is shown through the Polygon Group collaborative study with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. This study quantified that the Polygon Group saves 25% of C02 through our bespoke WDR services. Read our research findings here.  

Another example of this commitment is Polygon UK’s successful renewal of its Achilles Green Company accreditation. Polygon UK has retained the coveted Green Status Achilles award for the third consecutive year. Achilles is a supply chain audit standard focused on providing insight on risk mitigation, sustainability and business performance and is relied on by safety critical industries and governments worldwide. Polygon achieved one hundred percent in all of the assessed areas, Environmental, CSR, Health & Safety and Quality.

A further demonstration of this commitment is shown through our tree planting programme, which enabled Polygon to plant over 5,250 trees in the last year. Through this continued research and the environmental procedures outlined above, Polygon has been able to save 2,965 tons of C02 since 2014. 

Learn more about sustainability at Polygon UK by turning to page 37.  

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