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The Polygon Employee Survey – what’s it all about?

At Polygon, people are at the heart of everything we do and one of our main priorities is to ensure colleagues are happy in and around the workplace. As the most vital part of our business their opinions are key for us to continuously improve. Our annual employee survey is just one of the ways we listen and involve everyone in actions for positive change, giving colleagues the opportunity to reflect and shape the year ahead focusing on areas that need developing.

 After the 2018 survey, we worked together to act on suggestions in order to make our company a better place to work.

Recognition reaps rewards

Recognition is key for satisfaction and wellbeing in the workplace. It opens up communication between colleagues and ensures motivation is upheld every day. One finding from the 2018 survey was that members of the Polygon family would like to see more of this and so we introduced the ‘Extra Mile’ scheme. 

The scheme celebrates colleagues who have gone above and beyond in their role, they are nominated by members of their team or other colleagues, by customers or suppliers. At each team meeting these individuals are celebrated and given a badge so that praise can be shared amongst the Polygon family. Friendly rivalry between teammates is common as they vie to have the most badges - some colleagues have as many as eight on their lanyards! 

Accelerating personal development

It doesn’t matter how long someone has been in a job role; personal development and training should be a long-term commitment and it benefits both the individual and the company. This was raised following the employee survey, which led to the relaunch of our Learning Management System ‘Polygon Learning Zone’. With 74 courses available for colleagues to book, it helps people to learn at their own pace, in their own way. By giving control of their own learning and development back to the individual it encourages more colleagues to continue their learning journey. The platform is really popular with the team and even won an award from our parent company, Triton, for its innovation.

Additional CSR activities  

Here at Polygon, we understand the importance of social responsibility and we pride ourselves on our commitment to it. Our team is involved in many CSR activities, but they wanted more – so we listened. We implemented a new initiative which offers each team member a ‘free’ working day to volunteer with the charities and community projects of their choice. Whilst the majority of our charitable projects take place in the UK, some of our colleagues have travelled as far as Gambia and St Lucia supporting local communities there. Today's job seekers want to know what companies are doing to positively impact society. Social responsibility is high on our agenda which helps us to attract and retain the best in the industry.

Family-friendly - maternity & paternity pay

A work-life balance is important for everyone, and it is also known to be an added stress for new and expectant parents. To help our colleagues out, we’ve implemented an enhanced maternity and paternity pay scheme to support colleagues pre and post-birth of their child. We want them to know that they are supported at every stage of their life with Polygon, and that we will do what we can to support them through their journey comfortably. This not only benefits parents during their maternity and paternity breaks but strengthens the relationship when they return to the workplace too. This initiative was a family-friendly solution to some employees’ comments in the survey.

Together we make a difference, and we encourage and are delighted to have colleagues’ feedback as a main driver in the development of Polygon.

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