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When you need claims dealing with pronto, trust Primo+

How to accelerate the claims lifecycle

We are often forced to think of ourselves as optimists or pessimists, either with a disposition that’s sunny side up or glass half empty.

But there are plenty of people who fit neither of these profiles and would rather not have their worlds defined by the presence of good or bad luck. These are the realists.

The realists will analyse probabilities, risks and choices. They won’t leave things to chance, they will weigh up the odds and take the course of action that is most likely to deliver the best outcome.

It’s a familiar profile in the insurance industry and there are plenty of realists among us here at Polygon too. Indeed, many of our services are designed around planning for worst-case scenarios to ensure we deliver – and our clients receive – the highest level of service if the worst should happen.

An example is our Primo+ service for brokers, which guarantees rapid, priority access to our damage management professionals so that loss mitigation can be carried out as urgently as possible. Primo+ is based on three essential pillars.


Planning better
While everyone gives thought to the need to protect their property through insurance, not quite as much consideration is always given to the detail of what exactly happens when something like a fire or flood causes major disruption. Brokers subscribed to our Primo+ service benefit from the fact that various business details are already registered in the system so there are no administrative delays hindering the emergency response in the crucial early moments.


Acting faster
What happens in the early stages of a disaster has huge implications for the extent of the damage and the length of the recovery. As a general rule, the quicker that an accurate assessment can be made and appropriate action taken, the better the outcome. With Primo+, you are assured of priority status, meaning our damage management teams are despatched within hours of contact being made to your personal Project Manager. You also benefit from immediate phone-based access to expert advice on fire and water damage mitigation around the clock, 365 days per year.


Reducing disruption
Accelerating the response to a disaster situation has two important benefits: it increases the chances of a full recovery to business as usual and it also limits the overall level of cost associated with the claim. Primo+ not only ensures a rapid response from the Polygon team, it also includes training for in-house teams, upskilling them in loss mitigation so they are able to make a valuable contribution to the response effort.


Further to accelerating and enhancing the initial post-disaster phase, Polygon’s comprehensive, integrated service offering means we are also able to support the property restoration process in the most sustainable, efficient way.

Our realistic aim is to deliver a first-class service that would impress the most pessimistic of policyholders and even exceed the expectations of any optimists.


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