Case studies – Temporary Climate Solutions

Polygon provides the correct environmental conditions to enable water tank repair


When a water tank has a capacity of more than 4,000 cubic litres, maintaining its structural integrity is a key priority. Fail to do so and there is the potential for significant water damage and costly repairs.

When looking to maintain an underground water tank of this scale at a rural site, the structural engineering contractor engaged Polygon’s specialist help to ensure very specifi c environmental parameters were met.

The overall objective of the project was to securely seal the water tank with a Sikadur–Combifl ex system bandage from Sika UK using Sikadur-31 DW Rapid – a two-component, solvent-free epoxy adhesive and repair mortar that has been specially formulated to satisfy the stringent requirements for applications involving drinking water. The adhesive will only cure successfully, however, if environmental conditions are maintained within certain thresholds for a consistent period of seven days.


Polygon was tasked with providing the desired ambient conditions for the contractor to carry out its work. In the preparation phase, Charles Stirling, Polygon’s Area Director, carried out the necessary calculations to determine the scale of equipment needed to meet the temperature and dehumidification requirements. The equipment would run on a generator, which Polygon provided alongside the associated power equipment and fuel tank.

The rural nature of the site – a mud-prone fi eld at the edge of a forest – meant that specifying the correct
equipment actually presented far less of a challenge than the positioning of the equipment, which needed
to be within close proximity of the hard-to-reach underground water tank. Polygon’s solution was to mount the units on trailers that could then be easily manoeuvred into place by 4x4 vehicles, with plastic road track laid down to prepare the boggy ground in advance and give the vehicles sufficient traction, whatever the weather.


Thanks to the comprehensive planning and preparation work, Polygon was able to install all equipment on time and within budget. The delivered set-up ensured ideal ambient air conditions were maintained 24 hours a day for the seven days required, enabling the contractors to complete the required repair works on time and within budget on behalf of their own client.

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