Case studies – Water Damage Restoration

Polygon provides restoration over replacement in partnership with the supply chain

Policyholders, Mr and Mrs D, were left distraught after a tap was left running in an upstairs bathroom, which resulted in damage to their antique furniture. The furniture held sentimental value for the policyholders and also held a high replacement value for the insurer. With Polygon’s dedicated project management approach, the team were able to work with their specialist supply chain to restore the antique furniture rather than replace it.


The policyholders were left with substantial damage to their property and furniture after a tap was left running in an upstairs bathroom, which led to the ceiling collapsing in the living room and damaging several antique items. The pieces of furniture that needed restoration work, included a bureau, drinks cabinet and fireplace mantel, as all of these items had suffered extensive water damage and scratches.  


With experience of complex loss scenarios and dedicated project management, the Polygon team were able to work with specialist supplier, Terry Waters, to restore the policyholders’ furniture.

Mrs D were keen to have the items restored; as replacing them would mean losing items that held more than monetary value for them and couldn’t be replaced like for like.

Having established close working relationships over many years, the Polygon Project Manager knew the costs of restoration would be around 65% lower than the replacement cost for the insurance provider. Costs were further reduced by the policyholder, by setting aside an area within their property for the works to be carried out.

In order to restore the furniture, the Terry Waters team set about a full strip back of all three items, the restoration concluded with a full polish finish, returning the items to a pre-incident condition. The policyholders were delighted with the efforts and response time across the whole claim, as the work was completed with empathy and to an excellent standard. The insurance company was also pleased as they had saved more than half of the cost of replacement.

Mrs D stated: “Excellent result, really pleased, I was very worried that we would lose our treasured items to the skip. The whole team were charming and guided me each step of the way. Thank you very much.”


  • Delighted customer, treasured items were restored in full
  • 65% saving by restoring over replacement
  • Reduced environmental impact, no landfill impact
  • Stronger supplier partnership relationship
  • Trust in restoration over replacement built with key insurance partner


Refurbished drinks cabinet

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