Case studies – Temporary Climate Solutions

Polygon’s expertise in creating the right environment is bullet-proof.

The Scottish Parliament Building is situated at the foot of Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile, within the UNESCO World Heritage site. The building was constructed from a mixture of steel, granite and oak and recognised at the time as one of the most innovative designs in Britain.


The windows were specially commissioned to provide additional security and the building contractor, Henry Brothers (Magherafelt) Limited, recognised that a low dew point would need to be maintained during the installation of the windows.

The project created a unique technical challenge, one that could only be resolved with the right expertise and equipment. The contractor turned to several of Polygon’s competitors for a solution, none of whom could confidently achieve the conditions.


Polygon, a global market leader in temporary climate solutions, has been providing temporary heating, cooling and drying services, as well as specific condition applications, to the construction industry for over 60 years. Polygon was appointed to provide temporary climate control for the building and completed a pre-installation survey within 24 hours of appointment. This was followed by a full scope of works three hours later.

It was critical that the environment was held at the correct conditions (-5° dew point) whilst the windows were installed.

Within four days a temporary scaffold had been erected and sheeting was used to encapsulate the building to create an airtight chamber. Polygon installed dehumidifiers, chillers, coils and power generation equipment on site.

Remote monitoring equipment was used to monitor the environment and alert the Polygon team if conditions dropped below the required -5° dew point. Regular reports were also generated for the customer. 


The conditions were successfully held, without interruption, for the duration of the three-week project. As a result, the project was completed on time, and to budget.

I am more than pleased with the response I received from Polygon concerning the temporary low dew point conditioning we required to install the glass panels. I would have no hesitation in calling upon their services for any future installations requiring tight control of conditions.

Gavin Fry, Contracts Manager for Henry Brothers

(Magherafelt) Limited.


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