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Powders, tablets and pills deteriorate when in contact with moisture

Powders, tablets and pills deteriorate when in contact with moisture.

Polygon Temporary Humidity Control Services provides a solution for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products within the health care market. Pharmaceutical products such as powders, tablets and capsules often lose quality and shelf life when they come into contact with moisture in the air. Moist air also contains bacteria which can increase the potential of contamination in production and storage. In a dry environment, bacterial growth is inhibited. When hygroscopic ingredients and powders absorb moisture they become sticky and build up inside the conveying lines. This slows the packaging process, creates sanitation concerns and eventually causes costly downtime.

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Temporary humidity control is necessary during periods of the year when air moisture content is at its highest. The most effective way to protect raw materials and products during production, storage and transport is to control the surrounding environment. The Polygon dry air system is the simplest, most cost effective way of achieving and controlling humidity conditions during production. Many pharmaceutical products need to be produced and packed in an environment which demands extremely low moisture content. The temporary dehumidification systems can create a climate that reduces moisture levels to a point where products can be manufactured without any loss of quality, while providing consistent dry air at the specified dew-point. Polygon can provide custom-designed dehumidification solutions for all areas of production including silos, production facilities, packaging, storage and transport. The temporary climate control equipment comprises desiccant dehumidifiers, cooling and heating equipment, which has been designed to help meet the specifications and needs of the contractors, owners and engineers.

Only when this information is compiled and analysed can the suitable equipment be selected. Polygon personnel then engineer the equipment for specific applications to meet the desired specifications and avoid contamination. Polygon technicians’ service and check the equipment, ducting and ancillary items prior to delivery. It is vital that the dehumidifier is sanitised and the ducting is new to eliminate the threat of contamination. The equipment is then placed in a designated area, positioned close to a power supply and set up to maximise the safe operation of the unit. Polygon state-of-the-art desiccant dehumidification systems are utilised to deep dry the ambient air in the facility which ensures that moisture sensitive products being manufactured are processed in the optimum environment. Polygon provides a turnkey solution with well engineered equipment, offering an around the clock service that is unmatched in the industry.


The Polygon dry air system is the simplest, most precise way of achieving and controlling the humidity conditions required, including:

  • Considerable energy cost savings, incorporating environmentally friendly technology
  • Improved hygiene conditions
  • Increased product quality and shelf life
  • Consistent production, all year around with the elimination of delays due to high moisture levels
  • Improved production increases of 15-20%
  • Shorter drying times for coated products
  • Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations
  • Allows the client to work around the clock
  • A rental program that allows the customer to only use the equipment when it is actually required

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