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Screed moisture testing provides solutions onsite.

Screed moisture testing provides solutions onsite.

At a construction site, there was a concern about the moisture level within the anhydrite screed.

These types of screed have become a popular alternative to the sand and cement options; however, a potential issue is that it can have a weak surface layer. This means that the drying process can be slower. The contractor must therefore ensure that the screed has been dried to the optimal level before any floor finish such as vinyl, tiles, carpets or wood panelling can be laid. In order to do this, an accurate moisture assessment is required from a specialist humidity expert.


The contractor was unsure of the exact level of moisture content that was acceptable within the anhydrite screed as although it appeared dry, there was a concern that the floor finishing could lift if applied. It was imperative that a thorough inspection was carried out, as an incorrect moisture reading, or lack of understanding could have resulted in the premature laying of the final floor finish; affecting the floor quality significantly. This may have resulted in having to re-do the entire job, wasting valuable hours and materials.


Polygon’s experience and expertise was called upon, and a meeting was set up on site as the contractor had numerous new plots that required testing. The Polygon team conducted a calcium carbide test; this involves a sample of the screed being taken to investigate the way in which it reacts with the calcium carbide mixture. Upon reacting, the reagent releases acetylene gas. The amount that is released will indicate the level of moisture within the sample.

As the moisture levels on site were above the level deemed acceptable, Polygon suggested that the screed should be dried, to prevent any further delay – a core service in the Polygon portfolio. High volume dehumidifiers were installed to produce extremely dry air which pulled the moisture molecules out of the screed, making the drying process more efficient and therefore allowing the

project to be completed quicker. The need for all plots to be tested across the construction company’s portfolio was identified, and future plots are to be tested and if needed, rectified by the Polygon experts.


  • Faster project completion: Polygon’s ability to provide consistent environmental conditions and accurate moisture readings allow a drying timetable to be provided. The overall construction process can be accelerated, ensuring accurate completion time, product quality and long-term service.
  • A solution to many problems: No matter what moisture problem a customer faces, Polygon has the expertise and equipment to fix it quickly. Not only that, if a problem is identified, they have a portfolio of services and an extensive fleet of equipment to create the environments that aid effective and time saving construction.
  • Expert knowledge: With over 60 years servicing the construction market, Polygon TCS is a world leader in providing temporary climate solutions in the construction industry. Its specialist engineers have expert knowledge, allowing you to be sure you have the perfect construction environment.
  • Industry standards: The moisture levels can be guaranteed as opposed to guess work or look and feel; the readings conform to British and European Standards allowing contractors to provide realistic recommendations on when optimum conditions would be reached to keep the project on track.

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