Case studies – Water Damage Restoration



In June 2012, flash flooding affected towns right across the North-East of England with some areas experiencing a month’s rainfall in just a few hours.


When one river burst its banks it caused severe flood damage to a precision machining facility and warehouse located just 50 metres from the riverbank. Rain and river water, drain overflow and oil based contaminates from the factory washed through 70,000 ft². Industrial machinery, stock, business critical x-rays and documents were submerged in up to 60cm of water.

Flooded warehouse


Our Project Manager was on site within 30 minutes of receiving the instruction to meet with the client and Loss Adjuster. It was immediately obvious that the damage was extensive and would require a number of restoration services including:

  • Initial climate control and mitigation including encapsulation, drying and oiling of all machinery
  • Technical reconditioning of machinery
  • Document/film restoration
  • Water damage decontamination of all buildings and offices.

The restoration of the building included removing 2-3cm of sediment that had washed through the shop floor, warehouse, ground-floor offices and staff facilities. Once the building was returned to an acceptable condition, 29 specialist industrial machines; many purpose built for the company’s processes and assessed as irreplaceable; began to receive a thorough decontamination and restoration.

A team of specialist technicians from our Technical Centre were deployed to provide their expertise in this complex technical reconditioning, managing a combination of manual cleaning methods and the latest restoration techniques to restore machinery.

One of the machines, a CNC lathe, was under warranty so we worked with the original equipment manufacturer to identify and install the necessary replacement parts.

Ultrasonic baths, drying ovens and a purpose built drying room were used to ensure that where possible motors, pumps and electronic circuitry were reconditioned on site. Progress was regularly assessed by an independent specialist engineer who inspected and approved each stage of the technical reconditioning.

As the client manufactures parts used in high risk industries, they retain comprehensive quality control records including documents and x-rays of welds.

Whilst this information may never be used it is vital that documents are available. We arranged for the removal, assessment and restoration of over 140 crates that had been submerged for more than 12 hours.

We were advised by the insurer that the business interruption loss could be significant, and as a result a sizeable technical reserve was placed against the loss. Due to careful planning and our dedicated and skilled technicians, the project was completed within budget and on schedule. Within three weeks of the loss, the policyholder was able to recommence manufacture from the site.

The savings of restoration over replacement meant a significant reduction in business interruption, and particular savings for the insurer, as the loss was settled within the policy excess.

Restoring industrial machinery


  • Irreplaceable machinery critical to operations was successfully protected and stabilised immediately, minimising loss and further business interruption
  • All documents were restored
  • All work was completed within set timescales and within budget.

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