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Plumbing Condition Surveys

Our Plumbing Condition Surveys will give you peace of mind.

Water leaks are common and unfortunately, too many people only fully understand the damage and disruption a leak can cause after it’s too late. A water leak could strike at anytime and for the most part, may well go unnoticed until the signs of flooding are apparent, or an excessive water bill comes through the post.

This is why Polygon offers a Plumbing Condition Survey, in order to detect problem areas and advise on the best course of action to safeguard against potential leaks in the future. We will carry out a number of tests onsite and provide advice and support on how to mitigate against water leaks and the damage one would cause.

The Plumbing Condition Survey is ideal for facilities managers and property managers alike, helping to avoid the costs of repairing a leak in the future and ensuring safety is not compromised.

There are numerous ways Polygon will survey your plumbing to detect the possibility of any future problems, including thermal imaging and tracer gas. You’ll then be given comprehensive feedback on the state of the building’s plumbing system and receive detailed information on how to improve efficiency and increase life span.

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Just some of the reasons to consider a Plumbing Condition Survey include:

  • Ensuring the continued safety of everyone using the building
  • Identifying potential future problems and taking action to avoid what could be expensive repair work
  • Being part of a full home survey when purchasing a new property, to uncover hidden problems invisible to the naked eye
  • Gaining peace of mind and putting you at ease.

As part of your Plumbing Condition Survey, some of the areas that will be inspected and checked for are:

  • Leaks
  • Blockages
  • Worn or damaged seals
  • Old plumbing
  • The quality of water tanks
  • Repair work required.

After the survey’s completion, you’ll receive a complete breakdown of what’s discovered by the engineering team and advice on any areas that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

How watertight is your underwriting?

We understand that multi-tenanted blocks can provide you with a multitude of headaches – but at least you can clearly see them. What about the problems that lie under the surface – how can you combat something you can’t identify? At Polygon we have spent over 60 years preventing and controlling the effects of water, fire and climate by creating solutions enabled by people, knowledge and technology. This commitment has led us to develop a range of leak detection and plumbing condition surveys that can identify escape of water risks and therefore reduce costs, help prevent against disruption and protect property and its contents.

Prevent the rising tide of high rise escape of water claims

When it comes to the benefits of our Plumbing Condition Surveys, the sky’s the limit…

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For you

• Your underwriters can use us to target high frequency escape of water blocks to identify the remedial action needed

• As the survey is annual we can effectively track progress and provide you with insightful data that can profile common areas of concern

• A demonstrable reduction in claim frequency

• A clear reduction in claim spend

• Individual report for each property highlighting areas of concern and suggested remedial action For your policyholder

• We identify areas of risk and improvement within multi-tenanted blocks before they become a costly, disruptive problem

• Your clients’ property portfolio is better protected, providing them with documented reassurance

The intelligent application of technology

Our nationwide team of specialist leak detection technicians use leading edge non destructive technologies to identify areas of concern before damage occurs. Our service scope includes…

• Acoustic testing of internal water mains

• Moisture tests in all rooms

• Thermal imaging checks of the heating system and hot water feeds

• Integrity testing of all bath, shower and sink seals

• Dye testing on all waste pipes

• A dedicated point of contact throughout the process

• We will provide an individual report with photos, findings and conclusions

If any areas of concern are identified we can advise on the best course of action to help protect against future damage. Using specialist equipment our expert technicians will identify the location of a hidden pipe leak quickly, cost effectively, precisely and with minimal damage to the property’s walls and floors.

• Negates the requirement to break and damage potentially expensive tiles and fittings

• Faster repair period with fewer visits and less disruption

• Eliminates secondary damage e.g. potential kitchen removal to reach a damaged pipe

Trace & access

In the event that the survey identifies a problem with the plumbing system, you can rest assured that Polygon has the necessary skills to deliver a rapid, robust, cost effective and efficient response. All of our technicians are fully qualified and hold a BPEC / WRAS water regulation bylaw certificate.

We are able to provide you with a full service, exposing a problem with the minimum of damage to the property, fixing it and making safe afterwards. If necessary we can also undertake drying of the property.

We will always ask for your authorisation before undertaking any works beyond the survey, so you’re always in control.

Our Plumbing Condition Surveys are an integral part of Polygon, The Global Expert in Damage Control and Temporary Climate Solutions and Europe’s market leader in Property Damage Restoration. Polygon is unique in its ability to deliver customers a holistic blend of prevention, control and mitigation services across all our customer segments.


Thanks to our highly skilled people, our leading edge technology and our unrivalled knowledge, we assist our clients in delivering damage prevention services that can reduce costs, mitigate against disruption and help protect property and its contents.


Even in the most extreme circumstances we effectively control the environment – whether the damage is fire, water or humidity. In addition; technologies such as remote monitoring help us to control equipment and costs. And of course our experienced and knowledgeable people ensure projects are controlled effectively and efficiently.


As a pioneer in critical response services, Polygon continues to focus on listening, reacting and delivering on its customers’ requirements; developing new services and applications to support their needs and responding quickly and appropriately when damage strikes. Above all we provide every one of our market segments the best value service by reducing cost and returning properties to pre-incident condition in the shortest time possible. 

For more information on our Plumbing Condition Surveys or to discuss a potential leak, call today on 0330 332 2958, or email us at


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