Contents and Documents Restoration

Specialist restoration solutions for documents, books, photographs, artwork and antiques.

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Contents and Documents Restoration

Specialist restoration solutions for documents, books, photographs, artwork and antiques.

Each year, we perform services to salvage millions of paper and film-based documents from damage caused by water or fire. The types of documents may range from historical artefacts to tax, medical and legal records.

Damaged documents deteriorate very quickly, so timely and appropriate recovery is necessary to halt the progression of damage. Polygon uses the most technically advanced processes and equipment to meet the specific needs of each project.

After two decades of providing document restoration services, Polygon understands the need for minimal interruption and strict attention to security. We adapt each project to the unique nature of the damaged documents. Our document specialists are well-trained in information recovery and able to quickly identify and recommend the best recovery method for a particular material, based on the value of the documents and the level of damage obtained.

What type of document and multimedia restoration can Polygon address?

At polygon our energy saving technology allows us to dry, clean and/or reproduce materials that have been affected by:

Fire Damage

Fire creates both visible and non-visible damage to hard copy documents and electronic media. In addition to burning and scorching, there can also be damage created by the soot in the air and the smoke from the blaze. These elements may recreate contamination to the structure if they are not removed and treated before clean-up begins. By being involved in the restoration process from the very start of the salvaging process, Polygon is able to immediately address all components of fire damage.

Water Damage

Water damage can occur from a number of factors. Flooding, burst or backed-up pipes are the obvious causes, but other major weather events such as storm surges can also cause tremendous water devastation. Additionally, the act of putting out fires is a common cause of water damage. Polygon’s desiccant air dry distribution system is able to recover and/or restore most damage resulting from a water disaster. When it comes to drying, our trained staff monitors every aspect of the drying process to be certain that materials of various types and sizes are dried appropriately and thoroughly. It is our job to ensure that materials are dried completely so that future damage does not set in.

Mould Damage

Time is of the essence when it comes to salvaging documents or media that have experienced water damage. Mould may grow very quickly on damp materials, especially in high-humidity environments. Polygon’s desiccant air drying system rapidly and thoroughly eliminates moisture that can lead to mould growth. The sooner our team are able to address water damage, the better the chance of eliminating the effects of mould within company materials.

If your company has existing mould damage, Polygon has the resources to recover these files as well. Through specific processes, we are able to clean or reproduce the contaminated records with the same efficiency as water and fire damaged documents.

For a full list of services in support of document restoration, contact a member of the sales team on: 01480 442 327. 

How critical are your documents to business continuity?

Many companies still use physical documents on a daily basis, and losing these documents or business critical information in a fire or flood can have serious business continuity and legal consequences. When these records are damaged, Polygon should be appointed as soon as possible to recover and stabilise the damage, to prevent further deterioration. 

Our services save millions of documents and archives every year from water and fire damage. We process a wide range of documents from historical documents to tax administration, medical and legal documents, through are extensive fleet of document drying chambers across Europe, most notably in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium & Finland.

Each assignment is designed according to the quality of the damaged documents. Our experts are able to quickly determine the most suitable drying methods for the material based on the value of the documents and the extent of the damage.


For More Information Contact Us On:

01480 442 327

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