Disinfection of residential and commercial properties. Because now, as before, we remain Always By Your Side.

For over 60 years we have been protecting the worlds’ properties and residents from the effects of fire, water and humidity. This expertise is supported by a unique combination of people, knowledge and technology that has led to the development of industry leading solutions for our clients.

We have mobilised the combined expertise of our Group to develop and implement a robust SARS-CoV-2 Disinfection portfolio of services. Drawing on COVID19 experiences from all 14 countries in our Group, we have built a tried and tested offer to effectively support our customers in mitigating the spread of the COVID-19 virus in properties of all types from homes and office blocks to aircraft, factories and ships.

This offer provides disinfection of properties potentially exposed to the virus – enabling organisations to minimise business interruption and homeowners to better protect themselves.

Drawing on our in-house experts knowledge, our protocol details a very clear methodology, taking into account risk management, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), the use of chemicals, waste management and of course the protection and training of our people.

Now, as before, we are working with clients across industry from insurers to healthcare, facilities management to retail, to protect people and their property.

To find out more about our rapid and robust response to this crisis please call 01543 686 114 or email

What are disinfection services?

Disinfection services refers to the specific measures taken  - usually through chemical treatment, to remove or eliminate bacteria, viruses or other potentially harmful or transmittable microorganisms, such as SARS CoV2 virus.  

These services are not only a reactive measure; they are also preventative by removing infectious contaminants, particularly on inanimate objects.

What is our process for COVID-19 disinfection?

The reality is every property is different – in size, configuration, population and operation. That’s why we provide a custom approach that is tailored to your specific environment. The key elements of the process however, are:

  • 12 step protocol for disinfecting properties and items that have been in contact with COVID-19
  • The use of three solutions - ensuring the best method is selected for your particular circumstance.
    • Wet Fogging
    • Detailed Disinfections By Hand
    • Ozone treatment
  • Proof within hours that a property is virus free, testing is carried out by an independent laboratory*

*testing is carried out by an independent laboratory; result times are dependent on their capacity and availability of testing materials.

Why Polygon?

The safety of people – whether they be family, friends, visitors or customers is of course paramount. COVID19 does not seem to discriminate and therefore you need an inclusive approach to COVID clean your property. At Polygon; 

  • Our expert, experienced technicians have undertaken rigorous, practical training to understand the science behind coronavirus and how to treat properties to ensure its effective removal.
  • Drawing on the real-world experiences from all 14 countries in our Group, as well as the latest public health guidance, we have developed a robust and proven disinfection service.

So whether you have a confirmed case of COVID or you need to take measures to mitigate against it, we remain Always By Your Side.

For More Information on COVID-19 Disinfection Services

01543 686 114
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To find out more about COVID-19 solutions download our flyer.

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