Electronics Damage Restoration

Smarter than new-for-old, better for the planet.

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Electronics Damage Restoration

Smarter than new-for-old, better for the planet.

Electronics Damage Restoration

Whether it’s the IT hardware we need for our work or the HD entertainment systems we enjoy in our homes, electrical equipment and electronic devices play an ever increasingly important role in our everyday lives.

And when they are caught up in a fire, flood or water-damage incident, there is not only a personal and financial price to pay, there can also be a cost to the environment when old is unnecessarily scrapped in favour of new.

At Polygon, we provide a smarter option. With our electronic restoration service, nothing goes to waste that can be saved. We prioritise restoration over replacement, putting the task of recovery and repair in the safe hands of damage management experts with decades of experience.

We act quickly to instigate mitigation procedures, stabilise affected items and prevent further deterioration. With Polygon, even when things are badly damaged, you can expect the unexpected. The net result is that we are able to help reduce the number of items heading for landfill, reduce the overall cost of the claim, and reduce the distress and disruption for the policyholder.

For the Environment

With millions of tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment sent to landfill every year, restoration represents a far more environmentally responsible alternative. And in many cases, these items are discarded unnecessarily, replaced by newer versions because they are thought to be damaged beyond repair. With Polygon electronic restoration services, a higher proportion of items can be restored, limiting the environmental impact of a claim and supporting a more sustainable insurance supply chain.


Policyholder Benefits

Losing electronic equipment can cause major disruption, whether an item is highly valuable or highly personal. With our advanced restoration techniques, this disruption – and the associated cost – can be kept to a minimum. In commercial settings, we can facilitate improved business continuity, while in domestic settings, we can help limit the inconvenience and emotional distress, particularly with regard to irreplaceable items that have personal significance.


Claim Benefits 

Prioritising restoration over replacement not only leads to items being recovered more quickly, it also impacts on the cost of the claim – a flood-damaged computer, for example, can typically be restored for less than 50% of the cost of a replacement. With a fast, effective recovery service, we aim to get hardware and software back up-and-running and business interruption costs down.


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