Planning for the worst gives you the edge, if the worst should happen

How long will it take for your business or organisation to recover from a significant disaster?

How many businesses fail to fully recovery, or close, following a disaster?

Nobody really knows, but do you want to risk it?

Primo+ helps you with disaster planning by offering your company, or organisation, a priority service that brings help from Damage Control professionals to your door, within hours of a disaster, to help you with your responsibilities of loss mitigation.  

Following fire or water damage, natural disasters or loss of environmentally controlled conditions, a quick reaction is vital to reduce the consequential losses and damage.

Our Primo+ Damage Control Teams are committed to delivering an immediate response, helping reduce business interruption and returning you to a pre-loss condition with the minimum of delay. This helps to significantly increase the chances of full recovery to business as usual and reduces the overall costs associated with a disaster.

A call to our international helpline starts the ‘fast reaction’ chain of events. With your details already logged within our systems, you are given priority fast tracking through to one of our experienced Project Managers. They can organise the deployment of a Primo+ Damage Control Team, who will arrive at the disaster location ready to start the mitigation works required.

As strategic partners, we already know about you and your business and what is important to you from the outset; not a moment is wasted.

As part of Primo+ we can train your in-house emergency team in loss mitigation, allowing your staff to help with the disaster management. With over 60 years in Damage Control, experience tells us employees involved in the recovery process are even more committed to their roles following a disaster than they were before the incident. This increases the chances of full post incident recovery still further.  

Primo+ Services include:

For further details regarding Primo+, please contact Camilla Gentile, on or call 01480 442 301