Electrical & Electronic restoration after water, fire or smoke damage

Major & Complex Claims
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It is often believed that replacement rather than restoration is the cost-effective route to take when capital electronic items, sensitive electronic items and electrical items are damaged.

In reality, the true cost of replacement, will in many cases, far outweigh any restoration costs, once you take into account delivery times for spare parts which can be substantial for special or old machines and the need for original manufacture, its inherent costs on the environment in terms of raw material sourcing, processing, energy consumption, distribution etc.

Our dedicated team of experienced project managers and highly trained technicians quickly assess the damage and are best placed to recommend the most effective course of action, using leading edge techniques to restore both the electrical and electronic equipment. It is this experience and expertise that will enable us to prioritise the restoration required to minimise business interruption and get the equipment operational again in the shortest possible time.

For electrical goods (including IT), we are achieving a restoration rate in excess of 50% for heavily damaged goods and for light and medium damaged goods, a rate of over 96% - not just delivering significant cost savings to everyone concerned but also considerable environmental benefits by reducing disposal volume and the inherent costs associated with the manufacture of replacement goods.

Firstly, Polygon technicians assess the chemical damage generated by the cause of the damage, for example through surface chemical contamination measurements. Such surface cleanliness values are measured by established technical specifications.

In cases of slight contamination and powdered parts, Polygon chooses between two procedures: the mechanical removal of particles with additional vacuum cleaning or, carbon dioxide blasting. In the presence of heavy contamination, a chemical procedure can be used. These chemical procedures guarantee the removal of chemical contamination, the removal of corrosion products and avoid damaging any protective coatings.

We have the technical ability to carry out the restoration of:

  • Process Control Equipment
  • High, Medium and Low Voltage Technology
  • Communication Technology
  • Data Processing Technology
  • Control System Technology
  • Medical Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment

When there is a commercial or complex loss, everyone involved needs reassurance that the project will be robustly managed, that business interruption will be minimised and that the affected business will return to operation in the shortest time possible. That’s why our Major & Complex Claims team is dedicated to managing major, complex, commercial and high net worth losses. Specifically recruited for their industry experience in managing multiple types of complex losses, our team are fully trained in fire, water and flood damage restoration and are ready 24/7, 365 days per year to respond.

For more information on the Polygon Major & Complex Claims service solutions contact Rachel Newton, rachel.newton@polygongroup.com  call 01543 686114

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