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Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Decontamination

For some time, the Damage Control industry has needed an effective solution for the internal decontamination of Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) and associated ductwork systems that become contaminated following a fire.

Whilst the ‘everyday’ methods offered will remove loose deposits to some extent, these methods will not decontaminate and neutralise the internal surfaces to the same level that is expected on external surfaces with the same level of contamination.

The challenge is to provide an offering that is accepted as the leading method of full internal decontamination of HVAC systems and associated ductwork.

The method used by Polygon provides full access to the system, ensuring no area is left untreated. The entire system is methodically decontaminated internally, from intake at the point of the Air Handling Unit supplying the air, to the full extract system back to the AHU. This system has been developed to a point where the contamination levels are reduced to the same amount, internally as well as externally.

At Polygon, we use an industry leading system which provides peace of mind for the insurance industry that ductwork can be decontaminated, and replacement is no longer the only option.

Health Buildings & Employees

The air you breathe in most modern buildings is delivered and extracted by a Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning system (HVAC).

As with any other environmental concerns, the importance of both health and wellbeing associated with breathing clean and uncontaminated air is essential to healthy living. It should be a priority for any employer or property owner, regardless of whether they have been affected by fire, and should be seen as part of the regular maintenance and upkeep of the system and part of their duty-of-care.

Most companies providing standard duct cleaning services may not realise the importance of having clean and contamination free extract systems.  Modern AHU`s have a recycling system that will filter the air born particles out of the air returning to the system, and recycle it back into the delivery. Any bacteria, odours, mould spores and so on that are too small for the filters to extract are delivered back into the building and to the people breathing the air.

Polygon now offers the insurance industry and private sector an extremely skilled and experienced team, able to deliver totally effective decontamination of HVAC systems, regardless of the circumstances, location or incident type.

Commercial HVAC Decontamination & Cleaning

Polygon UK offers a bespoke HVAC decontamination service following ingress of soot and smoke contamination.

Smoke contamination will often enter ductwork during a fire, or from an adjacent property. Smoke and soot residue often contains a high level of chloride which causes corrosion if left untreated by a professional.

After fires in commercial premises, smoke residue deposits are often found in the ductwork systems. This can also lead to contamination reaching areas that were not directly affected by the incident. The primary cause of this is the HVAC system, which distributes temperature-controlled air throughout the building. During the initial assessment, our Project Managers undertake contamination profiling to determine the spread of contamination throughout the property.

Polygon has utilised their decontamination methodology, evolved over many years and in all commercial sectors, to now include the decontamination of HVAC systems.

A major advantage of the methodology is the reduction in the number of access hatches that would normally be required. This reduces business interruption, meaning that decontamination works can be often be undertaken in normal working hours, helping reduce the overall cost of the project.

Service Offering For Ductwork Decontamination

Polygon is able to decontaminate incident related smoke contamination and, where required, pre -incident soil to risers, plenum, filter boxes, and horizontal ductwork. All HVAC control systems within the ductwork – attenuators, flow control dampers, fire dampers, air turning vanes and sensors - are included within the decontamination works.

All works are carried out to the standards outlined in BS EN 15780:2011 and the guidelines outlined in HVAC guide to good practice TR/19.

All systems are fogged post decontamination to reduce the possibility of mould spore growth.

Chilling coil decontamination, heat exchanger decontamination, filter bag replacement and damper setting all form part of the service.

For more information on Polygon’s Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Decontamination services, please contact Rachel Newton, rachel.newton@polygongroup.com  call 01543 686114

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