Mechanical decontamination & restoration after water or fire damage

Major & Complex Claims
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Immediate mitigation following a damage to mechanical equipment and tooling is vital if production is to continue with minimum delay.

Our dedicated team of experienced project managers and highly trained technicians quickly assess the damage and are best placed to recommend the most effective course of action, using leading edge techniques to restore both the property and its contents. It is this experience and expertise that will enable us to prioritise the restoration required to minimise business interruption and get the mechanical equipment operational again in the shortest possible time.

The cost of restoration ranges from 5%-30% of the cost of buying new equipment. This significant financial benefit is made even greater when compared with the administrative burden of sourcing replacement equipment and the business interruption costs during an extended period of downtime.

We have fully equipped laboratories and portable solutions that can be set up on site. Facilities include CO2 blasting for the re-conditioning of electronics and electrical equipment and ultrasonic baths for component cleaning. Levels of cleanliness comply with the best industry standards and the timescale for restoration is often much shorter than the replacement time. Working directly with manufacturers and distributors, we are able to understand the assembly of such equipment and act faster in its restoration and re-assembly. Depending on the level of damage suffered we will undertake the restoration on-site or if necessary, relocate the equipment to our Technical Centre.

When there is a commercial or complex loss, everyone involved needs reassurance that the project will be robustly managed, that business interruption will be minimised and that the affected business will return to operation in the shortest time possible. That’s why our Major & Complex Claims team is dedicated to managing major, complex, commercial and high net worth losses. Specifically recruited for their industry experience in managing multiple types of complex losses, our team are fully trained in fire, water and flood damage restoration and are ready 24/7, 365 days per year to respond.


For more information on the Polygon Major & Complex Claims service solutions contact Rachel Newton,  call 01543 686114

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